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Follow the Locals: Vermonter Steve Conant's Tips on Visiting Burlington

SEVEN DAYS | November 10, 2018

“…he's one of the city's brightest lights himself in terms of creativity, community and character. Conant came to Burlington to attend the University of Vermont in the 1970s — and never left. "My interest in expressing myself creatively was embraced back in the day, and it still is," he said of his adopted hometown. These days, in addition to running his metalwork biz, he's the proprietor of one of the Queen City's most interesting buildings, at 266 Pine. Known as the Soda Plant — a reference to its century-old history as a ginger-ale manufacturing plant — the space is home to artists, entrepreneurs and artisanal beverage businesses. Read more

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Burlington Drink Entrepreneurs Move, Aptly, Into the Soda Plant

Seven DAYS | June 19 2018

"I believe the South End is amazing ... and I always thought I was going to fill [the building] with makers," Conant said. "There are only a few large, industrial buildings here, and I feel very strongly that those buildings should be supporting innovation and entrepreneurship — and building the creative economy in the South End."  Read more

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ReSOURCE to Relocate, Soda Plant to Offer New Incubator Workspaces

Seven Days | January 18 2018

"I think the building supports fine artists very well through the S.P.A.C.E. Gallery and other small spaces," said Conant. "I think that the opportunity [for this space] is in more entrepreneurial artists and business-aspiring people." Read more

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Shifting Places in Burlington's Soda Plant

Seven days | May 7 2017

Any transitions in the South End seem to evoke dismay on the part of artists. But Mitchell had this to say: "I don't think [artists] are being pushed out. I think things are changing. It's evolving. This is what we were hoping for [in the South End], and there's so much more work to do." Read more

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